The RemoteDroid Pad

March 24, 2010

The RemoteDroid Pad is composed of two applications, a server that will run on a PC (only Windows has been tested) and an application that will run on the mobile operating system Android.

The initial idea was to create a remote control through a phone using its accelerometer, since most phones have one nowadays and sending the values through Bluetooth to a computer, the server application would then interpret the information and do the necessary actions. For instance if the accelerometer values indicated it was being turned to the left the computer would mimic that action by evoking the A key on the keyboard or the Left arrow key.

After some research on the web we came across an open source application that allows remote control of the computer (mouse and keyboard) through an Android phone using OSC packets to send information.

We decided to use this application as the base for our project, by adding to it the accelerometer functionality.

The main goal for the HackDay is to be able to use an Android phone (G1) as a remote wheel for car games but if the <time constraint> allows it we will also provide a remote control for FPS games (first person shooters).